Venue Sizes – The Theatrecrafts Book Of Records

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At the moment, we’re concentrating on UK venues

London Coliseum during charity song cycle (photo by Richard Hubert Smith)

Which UK venue has the deepest stage?

Blackpool Opera House

Which UK venue has the most seats?

Which UK venue has the widest proscenium opening?

How about the tallest? (Height from stage to grid)

Where is the oldest stage machinery still in operation?

Drottningholm Court Theatre, Sweden (1766)

Which has the most trapdoors?

Revolving stages

  • London Coliseum – first in Britain. Installed in 1904, and composed of three concentric rings which could move in either direction. Cost £70,000.

The largest stage lift?

The most adaptable space?

How about international venues?

Proscenium Opening:

Largest Seating Capacity

Smallest Proscenium Theatre

Sources: Guinness Book of Theatre Facts and Feats, 1982
Many thanks to Mark Lovell for additions, 2021