UK – Birmingham – Hippodrome

Dates: 1899 – present

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  • 1899 – Built
  • 1980 May – Closed for 16 months for a major rebuilding and refurbishing programme. More than �5 million invested.
  • 1984 – The stage and flytower was doubled in size to 18m deep, and the development of a suite of three spacious dance studios provided on-site rehearsal space for visiting dance, opera and musical companies.

Archive equipment related to Birmingham Hippodrome over the years

  • Grand Master Board (Strand)
  • MMS (Strand)
  • Documents

    LSI: The Greening of Birmingham Hippodrome (March 2016)
    [2.4Mb PDF]
    From Lighting & Sound International

    Mentions of Birmingham Hippodrome in indexed journals


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    Stage Replacement time lapse (2012)