UK – Blackpool – Opera House

Dates: 1939 – present

Seating capacity: 2813 (1401 stalls, 758 balcony, 654 circle)

Stage Dimensions: 
110 feet wide with a proscenium opening of 45 feet;
60 feet from the curtain to the back wall
Fly tower height: 70 feet, taking up to 90 backcloths and pieces of scenery, 50 of them on counter-weighted gearing (1939 specification).
Stage lifts, traps and revolves (TBC)
Dressing Rooms that could accommodate 250 people. 

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Part of the Winter Gardens complex 

Lighting Controls:

Wurlitzer Organ

Archive equipment related to Blackpool Opera House over the years

  • Grand Master Board (Strand)
  • MMS (Strand)
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