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Acclaim  (1994)

Acclaim PC

Range of 500/650W Lanterns
Acclaim Fresnel (6° - 60°, recommended throw distance 4 to 10m)
Acclaim PC (4° - 64°, recommended throw distance 4 to 12m)
Acclaim Zoomspot
Acclaim Cyc Flood (200 - 500W)
Acclaim Flood
Acclaim Condensor (18-32° or 24-44°)

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Acclaim Cyc 3 Exploded Diagram 
[95kb PDF]

Acclaim Cyc Exploded Diagram 
[129kb PDF]

Acclaim Flood 
[162kb PDF]

Acclaim Flood Exploded Diagram 
[135kb PDF]
Acclaim Fresnel
Acclaim Fresnel 
Click on thumbnail to enlarge
[239kb  JPEG]

Acclaim Range User Guide 
[518kb PDF]

Earth Continuity Testing Points 
[239kb PDF]
Acclaim Advert from Lighting & Sound International
Acclaim Advert from Lighting & Sound International (September 1994)
Click on thumbnail to enlarge
[1.1Mb  JPEG]
From Lighting & Sound International

Acclaim Condensor Datasheet (April 1997)
[1.09Mb PDF]

Acclaim Cyc Flood Datasheet (April 1997)
[1.28Mb PDF]

Acclaim Flood data sheet (April 1997)
[1.17Mb PDF]

Acclaim Fresnel Datasheet (April 1997)
[836kb PDF]

Acclaim PC Datasheet (April 1997)
[862kb PDF]

Acclaim Zoomspot Datasheet (April 1997)
[1.09Mb PDF]

Acclaim Fresnel Datasheet (February 2002)
[60kb PDF]

Acclaim Flood Datasheet (October 2003)
[162kb PDF]

Acclaim Fresnel 650 Exploded (August 2004)
[118kb PDF]

Acclaim Zoomspot 650 Exploded (September 2008)
[98kb PDF]

Acclaim Axial Zoomspot (2009)
[152kb PDF]

Acclaim Fresnel & PC User Manual (June 2009)
[404kb PDF]

Acclaim Axial Zoomspot MkII Datasheet (2010)
[152kb PDF]

Acclaim Fresnel White Datasheet (2010)
[128kb PDF]

Acclaim PC Datasheet (2010)
[185kb PDF]

Acclaim Fresnel Datasheet (September 2011)
[175kb PDF]

Acclaim PC Specification (September 2011)
[196kb PDF]

Acclaim White Specification (September 2011)
[102kb PDF]

Acclaim Axial Zoomspot MkII Datasheet (December 2011)
[153kb PDF]

Acclaim Fresnel Specification Sheet (2018)
[268kb PDF]

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