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1001 Cyc Flood  (ADB
750W / 1000W / 1250W
1200  (Selecon  (1991)
Range of 1200W lanterns
2kW Film Fresnel  (Berkey Colortran
3.5Q Profile  (Altman Stage Lighting Co.
360Q  (Altman Stage Lighting Co.  (1975 - 2015)
Ellipsoidal (Profile)
65 Series  (TBA Technology  (1985)
650W Lanterns
AC1000 Cyc Flood  (CCT Lighting
625 - 1250W, Single or Four-Unit
Acclaim  (Selecon  (1994)
Range of 500/650W Lanterns
Acclaim LED Series  (Strand  (2021)
Acuto  (Teatro
ALC4  (ADB  (2013)
LED RBG Cyclorama & floodlight
Aledin 330 Wash  (Robert Juliat  (2011)
LED Fresnel
Aledin 630 Profile  (Robert Juliat  (2010)
LED Profile
Alex  (Robert Juliat
2000W / 2500W Tungsten Followspot
Alice  (Robert Juliat  (2017)
600W LED Followspot
Alto  (Strand  (1994)

Fresnel, PC and profile spotlights 2000 & 2500W

Aramis  (Robert Juliat
2500W HMI Followspot
Arcaline  (Ayrton  (2007)
LED Batten
Arena  (Selecon  (1993)
2kW / 2.5kW range 
Aurora  (Selecon
Baby Flood  (Strand  (1945)
A single compartment of S type batten
Beam Light  (Teatro
Beamlight  (Reiche & Vogel
Low voltage parallel beam lantern
Beamlite  (Strand
Birdie  (Doughty Engineering
Miniature Parcan taking MR16 lamp
Border Lights  (Major
Box Lights  (Major
Box Type Stage Floods  (GEC
Brio  (Strand  (1996 - ?)
18/30 & 25/50 Zoom 'Coolbeam' Profile Spotlights 600W
Broad Cyc  (Lighting & Electronics Inc (L & E)
Buxie  (Robert Juliat
575W MSD HR Discharge Followspot
C101  (ADB  (1989 - )
1kW PC
C102  (ADB  (1989 - )
1kW PC
C103  (ADB  (1989 - )
1kW PC
Cadenza  (Strand  (1983 - ?)
2000W Range
Cadenza Effects Projector  (Strand  (1985 - 1996)
2000W Effects Projector
Cantata  (Strand  (1987 - ?)
UK: 1200W Range
USA: 1000W Range
Cantata LED Fresnel  (Strand  (2020)
Three color temperature options for this high output LED Fresnel.
FC - Full Color
TCW - Tunable Cold White 
TWW - Tunable Warm White
Chorus  (Selecon
Quartz Follow-Spot
ChromaPanel  (Pulsar
CN101  (ADB  (1989 - )
1kW Long Throw Plano-Convex Spotlight
Coda  (Strand  (1983 - )
500W Cyc Flood
Coda II  (Strand  (2008 - ?2014)
500W Cyc Flood
Color Block DB4  (Chroma-Q  (2004)
Color Command  (High End Systems / Lightwave Research  (2003)
Colour changing PAR / Wash light
Color Pro  (High End Systems / Lightwave Research  (1988)
Color-changing luminaire with dichroic glass filters.
Color Web  (Chroma-Q  (2005)
COLORado  (Chauvet
Indoor/outdoor LED Range
Colorplayer 150 3G  (Ayrton  (2009)
54 high power LEDs, diameter of only 20cm.
ColorSource LED  (Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC
Range of RGB-L LED luminaires
Colorspot 2  (Berkey Colortran
Unique optical mirror projection system
Comma  (Teatro
Compact  (Selecon  (1994)
Fresnel or PC (1 - 1.2kW)
Cricket  (Robert Juliat
1000W / 1200W Tungsten Followspot
Crown 1000FL Floodlights  (Furse Theatre Products
Single, 2 plus 2
Cyclorama Batten  (Strand  (1945)
Cyclorama Groundrow  (Strand  (1945)
Cylo Trough Batten  (Furse Theatre Products
For 60 or 100 Watt lamps
Cylo Trough Groundrow  (Furse Theatre Products
For 60 or 100 Watt lamps
Cyrano  (Robert Juliat  (1999)
2500W HMI Followspot
Dalis  (Robert Juliat  (2015)
LED Cyclorama Batten
Dalis 862 Footlight  (Robert Juliat  (2016)
Diluvio  (Teatro
Cyc Flood
DS101  (ADB  (1989 - )
1kW Zoom Profile
Ellipsoidals  (Berkey Colortran
Enilux Stage Projector  (AVAB
HMI 1200W or quartz 2000W lamps
ET1500  (Strand
Outdoor tungsten-iodine flood - 750W or 1500W
Europe  (ADB  (1992)
1kW Condenser Profile Spots
Eurospot  (ADB
300/500/650W Spotlights
Eve E-50Z  (Chauvet
LED Profile
EvenLED  (Martin  (2006 - 2015)
Modular backlit cyclorama.
F101  (ADB  (1989 - )
1kW Fresnel
Flo  (Robert Juliat
1800W MSR Discharge Followspot
Floodlights  (Lightomation Ltd
Footlights  (Strand  (1945)
Open type
Footlights  (Major
Foxie  (Robert Juliat
700W MSR Followspot
Freedom Range  (CCT Lighting  (1996 - )
Range of lamphouses, lenstubes all with integral dimmer
Frenca  (Furse Theatre Products
Fresnel 2000/25  (Selecon  (1993)
2kW Fresnel 
Fresnel 5kW  (Hewitt Universal Lighting  (1948?)
Fresnel Spot  (ADB
8-50 degrees 650W / 1000W or 2000W
Fresnelite  (Strand
Fresnels  (Vision  (1991?)
Gamma  (ADB  (1979 - )
1kW / 2kW Profile
Ginger  (Robert Juliat
2000W / 2500W Tungsten Followspot
H-FL  (Furse Theatre Products
Wide Angle Horizon Floodlight 300/500W GES
Half-Watt Box  (Digby
Harmony  (Strand  (1981 - 1988)
1000W Range (GX9.5, T/19 lamp)
HMV1202  (Pani
HMI Daylight Followspot
Horizon Flood  (Reiche & Vogel
Horus  (Robert Juliat
625W / 1000W / 1250W Cyc Flood
Hui  (Selecon
HUV  (Niethammer
2000W Halogen Followspot
Icecolor Range  (Ayrton  (2011)
Icecolor 250, Icecolor 500, Icecolor 1000.
Impression X4 Bar  (GLP
10 or 20 RGBW LEDs
iParFect  (Robe  (2018)
LED Zoom Wash Light
Ivanhoe  (Robert Juliat
2500W MSR Followspot
J-FR  (Furse Theatre Products
Junior Fresnel 650W Tungsten Halogen
J-PR  (Furse Theatre Products
Junior Profile 650W
JFR 1000 Fresnel  (Furse Theatre Products  (1983)
JPR 1000 Profile Spotlight  (Furse Theatre Products  (1980s)
650W/1000W Profile
Klemantis  (ADB  (2016)
Asymmetric LED cyc light 
Lancelot  (Robert Juliat  (2006)
4000W HTI Followspot
Leko Range  (Strand  (1933 - 1998)
LFL 1000   (Furse Theatre Products  (1978?)
Up to 1250W Flood
LFL 250 Floodlight  (Furse Theatre Products  (1980s)
250W Flood
Lucy  (Robert Juliat
1200W HMI Discharge Followspot
Lui  (Selecon
M Series Spotlights  (Lightomation Ltd
M-FL  (Furse Theatre Products
500W Floodlight
M-FR  (Furse Theatre Products
Medium Fresnel 1000W Tungsten Halogen
M-PR  (Furse Theatre Products
Medium Profile 1000W
Magazine Lengths - Pattern L  (Strand
For 25, 40, 60 or 100 Watt Lamps
Magic Lantern  (TBA Technology  (1985)
400W low voltage lantern
Manon  (Robert Juliat
1200W MSD Discharge Followspot
Merlin  (Robert Juliat  (2014)
2500W HMI Touring Followspot
Mini-Ellipse  (Berkey Colortran
Miniflood  (Strand
Minim  (Strand  (1981-1997)

300W Fresnel, PC, Profile display spotlights

Minuette  (CCT Lighting
500W - 650W Range of Fresnels, PC, Profile lanterns
Miro Cubes  (Rosco  (2012)
Moda  (Fortuny  (1903 - )
MPR 1000 Profile Spotlight  (Furse Theatre Products  (1978?)
1000W Hard-edged spotlight with shutters
MUV  (Niethammer
1200W HMI Followspot
Niethammer HMS  (AVAB  (1988?)
HMI 1200W profiles
Niethammer HPS  (AVAB
2000W Quartz Profiles.
Niethammer Unispot  (AVAB
Followspots (2kW quartz halogen or HMI)
Nocturne Flood  (Strand  (1983 - )
500W / 1000W Flood
Olivettes  (Major
Optique Range  (Strand  (1992)
Orkis  (ADB  (2018)
Family of luminaires (fresnel & profile) featuring 6-color HCR technology
Ovation E-910FC  (Chauvet  (2015)
Fixed lens profile with RGBA-Lime colour mixing
Ovation Reve  (Chauvet  (2022)
Oz  (Robert Juliat  (2017)
600W LED Followspot
Pacific  (Selecon  (2003 - 2016)
Range of 600/800/1000W Profiles
Pani BP2  (Pani  (1975)
2000W Tungsten Halogen Scene Projector
Pani BP4 HMI  (Pani  (1975)
4000W HMI Scene Projector
Pani BP5  (Pani  (1975)
5000W Tungsten Halogen Scene Projector
Pani HMV1200  (Pani
1200W HMI Followspot
Pani HV650  (Pani  (1973)
650W Tungsten Halogen followspot / beamlight
Par Can  (Teatro
1000W uses Par64 lamps
Par Light  (Teatro
1000W uses Par64 lamps
Parblazer  (Strand  (1977 - )
PAR 64
Pebble Convex  (Vision  (1991?)
Performer  (Selecon  (1993)
MSR or Tungsten Followspot
PixelLine  (PixelRange
Colour mixing LED wash fixture
Pixie  (Robert Juliat  (1976)
575W HMI Followspot
Prelude  (Strand  (1981 - 1998)
650W Range introduced in 1981
Pro-Ject  (CCT Lighting
1000W profile
Profile Spot  (Vision  (1991?)
Punchlite  (Strand
Punto  (Teatro
Quartet  (Strand  (1990)
R40 Borderlight  (Altman Stage Lighting Co.  ( - 2019)
Rama  (Selecon  (2007?)
Range of LED and Tungsten (1000/1200W) Fresnels and PCs
Rockette  (CCT Lighting  (1977)
PAR 64 120/240 Volts
Roxie  (Robert Juliat  (2016?)
300W LED Followspot
S-FL  (Furse Theatre Products
200W Floodlight
S-FR  (Furse Theatre Products
Small Fresnel (250/500 Watts)
S-PR  (Furse Theatre Products
Small Profile
Shadow  (Clay Paky
Shakespeare  (Altman Stage Lighting Co.
Silhouette  (CCT Lighting  (1970 - 1990s)
1000 / 1200 W and later 2000W profiles
Sil 10, Sil 15, Sil 25, Sil 30 (22-40 degree), Sil 40
Sintesi Range  (Spotlight
1000W/1200W Range
SL Profile  (Strand  (1999)
575W/600W, Axial Coolbeam Spotlight 
SlimPAR  (Chauvet
Source Four  (Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC  (1992 - present)
Source Four Fresnel  (Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC  (2011)
20-65 degree Fresnel
Source Four LED  (Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC  (2012)
Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr  (Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC  (2021)
Source Four PAR  (Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC
Source Four PARNel  (Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC
Spazio  (Teatro
SPK 500 Spotpak  (Furse Theatre Products  (1978)
500W Fresnel/Profile with interchangable lenses
Spot Lights  (Major
SPX  (Selecon
800W Range
Stage Batten  (Furse Theatre Products
For 100 to 150 Watt lamps
Stage Footlight  (Furse Theatre Products
For 100 to 150 Watt lamps
Standard Footlight or Groundrow  (Strand
Starlette  (CCT Lighting  (1979)
1000W - 2000W Range of Fresnels, PC, Effects Projector and Flood
Stelmar Arc High Intensity Spot and Flood Projector  (Strand  (1945)
Stelmar Spotlight  (J Frank Brockliss Ltd  (1930s?)
Sunray Compartment Batten  (Strand  (1922)
Sunray Disappearing Footlights  (Strand
Sunspot  (Strand
Super Korrigan  (Robert Juliat  (2006)
1200W HMI Discharge Followspot
Svoboda Batten  (ADB  (1968)
High intensity light curtain batten
T Series Spotlights  (Lightomation Ltd
T Spot / T54 / T64 / T84  (Strand  (1975 - 1984)
Talento  (Teatro
Theatre Fresnel  (Berkey Colortran
6 inch lens
Tibo  (Robert Juliat  (2012)
Toccata  (Strand  (1994)
Toccata Effects Projector  (Strand  (1996 - ?)
Topaze  (Robert Juliat
1200W MSD Discharge Followspot
Tratto  (Teatro
Turbo Silhouette  (CCT Lighting  (?2000)
1000/1200W with rotatable angled shutters
Victor  (Robert Juliat
1800W MSR Discharge Followspot
Windsor  (Berkey Colortran  (1988)
Range of 1kW lanterns
Work Light  (Teatro
300W Flood
Zep  (Robert Juliat  (2012)
Series of LED Profile and LED Fresnel spots
ZipStrip  (Altman Stage Lighting Co.
12V or 24V lamps up to 4 color circuits