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Beamlight  Reiche & Vogel

R&V 24V 1000W Beamlight

Low voltage parallel beam lantern
The most commonly used model was the 24V 500W (using Crown-Silvered lamp 570B with E40 base)
Beam angle: 14-20 degrees

R&V also made 250W and 1000W (lamp 578K) versions, all at 24V. 

German: Niedervolt Spiegelscheinwerfer

From the catalogue below:
The low-voltage beamlight is equipped with a high-quality parabolic mirror, in the focal point of which there is a crown-silvered low-voltage lamp. This creates an almost parallel beam of light with so little spill that even small objects can be illuminated from a great distance. Since the low-voltage lamp has a very small filament with a high luminance, a very intense, white-looking light is producted that can pick out individual actors with the stage already heavily lit.
By adjusting the lamp, the beam angle can be increased, spreading the light beam to cover large areas such as scenic walls or curtains. 
The transformer is built-into the fixture, and colour media can be inserted in the slot at the front of the lantern. 

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