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Alto  (1994)

Fresnel, PC and profile spotlights 2000 & 2500W


"Each model in the Alto range has been designed to provide a winning combination of performance and controllability to establish Alto as the obvious lighting solution for the larger venue."

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Alto Range Exploded Diagrams (October 1994)
[362kb PDF]

1.2.8 Alto Datasheet (1995)
Alto Range Datasheet
[277kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

1996 Strand Catalogue - Theatre Spotlights (1996)
From Strand Archive

1998-99 Strand Catalogue - Theatre Luminaires (1998)
From Jim Laws Collection

Alto Range Datasheet (1998)
Alto Range Datasheet
[90kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

2000 Product Guide - page 24 (2000)
From Strand Archive

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