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Beamlite  Strand


Beamlite 500
Narrow-angle low-voltage beamlight for medium-throw applications. Supplied with 500W 24V lamp.

Beamlite 1000
As above, with 1000W 24V K39d base lamp

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The Strandbook - page 46 (1990)
From Jim Laws Collection

1992 Insight Brochure - Page 3 (May 1992)
From Strand Archive

1.3.1 Beamlite Low Voltage Beam Projector Datasheet (1995)
500W or 1000W 24V
[268kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Beamlite Exploded Diagrams (March 1995)
[82kb PDF]

1996 Strand Catalogue - Theatre Spotlights (1996)
From Strand Archive

1998-99 Strand Catalogue - Theatre Luminaires (1998)
From Jim Laws Collection

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