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Impact  (1987 - )

Strand Impact

350 control channels with proportional patching to 960 dimmers
Two timed playback faders with programmable split times, delays and follow-on. AMX192 and DMX512 output. 
A repackaged / rebadged Kleigl Performer III.

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Impact Brochure (1987)
[1.2Mb PDF]
From Jim Laws Collection

Control Systems brochure (USA) (October 1987)
[483kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Impact Specification (October 1987)
[2.7Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Impact Brochure (1990)
[841kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Impact Abbreviated Operations Manual (July 1991)
[36Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

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Cats - The Show With Impact (1989)

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