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Compact (CMS)  (1975 - 1978)

Self-contained memory control for up to 120 channels (originally 80 channels)
Originally known as CMS (Compact Memory System) this was a portable version of MMS. Also known as MMS Compact.
The first portable MMS was produced for a TV outside broadcast in 1974, and was named Compact. It was identified as a separate product in 1975. 
Channel control was by a dedicated numerical keyboard and digital fader wheel, with an above-zero mimic display. 
A total of 108 Compacts were built - the first in 1975, the last in 1978 when it was replaced by Duet. 
The photo on the right (and below) shows the original CMS lettering top left of the desk. This was removed in publicity material when it was decided to name the system Compact. 

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[1.17Mb  JPEG]
From Alan Luxford Collection

Compact Datasheet 
[8.38Mb PDF]
From Jim Laws Collection

Compact - Advance Information (1975)
[800kb PDF]
From Jim Laws Collection

Compact 80/120 Brochure (1975)
[743kb PDF]
From Jim Laws Collection

Compact Maintenance Handbook (1976)
[38.38Mb PDF]
From David Bertenshaw Collection

Compact 80/120 Datasheet (1977)
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From Strand Archive

Memory Control Installations (1978)
[6.1Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Memory Lighting Control Systems 1967-1985 (June 1985)
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From Jim Laws Collection

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Compact 120  
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Compact from St Martins Theatre  (1978)
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Compact Tape Drive  
From The NEET Collection

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