UK – London – St Martin’s Theatre

Dates: 1916 – present

The home of The Mousetrap, running continuously at St Martin’s Theatre since 25 March 1974, continuing a run at the Ambassadors Theatre from 25 November 1952 to 23 March 1974. 

Lighting Control desks:

  • Schwabe Lighting System, Permanent Panorama (Who’s Who in the Theatre, 1930 at the Arthur Lloyd website)
  • System PR with 100 circuits (18 FOH) (The Stage Guide 1970)
  • 80 way Compact from around 1978 until the mid 1980s(?)
  • Tempus M24 (listed on British Performing Arts Yearbook 1994)
    Includes FX backup, 45 circuits at 2kW, operated from perch SR. 40 spots and fresnels, Strand
  • ETC Express 125

Stage Machinery

From “Who’s Who in the Theatre”, 1930 at the Arthur Lloyd website

  • Three Working Bridges 26ft by 3ft, and two 12ft 6in by 5ft. Two grave and two star traps in front bridge.
    Dock on OP side 13ft by 12ft and 20ft high.


Exhibits from this venue in the Backstage Heritage Collection

  • Compact from St Martins Theatre (1978)
  • Links to information about equipment at St Martins Theatre over the years

  • PR / System PR (Strand)
  • Compact (CMS) (Strand)
  • Tempus M24 (Strand)
  • Express (Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC)
  • Documents

    St Martins Theatre - Arthur Lloyd 
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    From Arthur Lloyd website


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