UK – London – St Martin’s Theatre


Dates: 1916 – present

The home of The Mousetrap, running continuously at St Martin’s Theatre since 25 March 1974, continuing a run at the Ambassadors Theatre from 25 November 1952 to 23 March 1974. 

Lighting Control desks:

  • System PR with 100 circuits (18 FOH) (The Stage Guide 1970)
  • 80 way Compact from around 1978 until the mid 1980s(?)
  • Tempus M24 (listed on British Performing Arts Yearbook 1994)
    Includes FX backup, 45 circuits at 2kW, operated from perch SR. 40 spots and fresnels, Strand
  • ETC Express 125


Exhibits from this venue in the Backstage Heritage Collection

  • Compact from St Martins Theatre (1978)
  • Links to information about equipment at St Martins Theatre over the years

  • PR / System PR (Strand)
  • Compact (CMS) (Strand)
  • Tempus M24 (Strand)
  • Express (Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC)
  • Documents

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