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Mini Light Palette  (1984)

Strand Mini Light Palette

Price in 1985 was around $25,000 (around $62,000 in 2021!)

Archive footage featured in 'STILL: A Michael J Fox Movie' on Apple TV (2023) reveals a Mini Light Palette was used at Paramount Studios to control the lighting on the sitcom Family Ties. It's likely there were many such boards controlling lighting in Hollywood studios. 


Mini Light Palette Operation Instructions (March 1984)
[26.2Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Mini Light Palette Brochure (1986)
[928kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

LSI: Guide to Memory Desks (May 1986)
[1.91Mb PDF]
From Lighting & Sound International

Control Systems brochure (USA) (October 1987)
[483kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

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