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EDI Bijou

Bijou and Bijou Plus

The Bijou is a powerful memory console that can be operated with the push of a GO button. If direct hands-on operation is desired, the Bijou can be ordered with any of the three Two Scene/ Singe Scene configurations. But unlike many of the control consoles on the market today, ordering the Bijou as a Two/Single Scene board does not limit your control. Dual fader controls allows independent control of the programmed cues and scene controls. Also channels can be individually accessed. This makes the Bijou the perfect control console for many user levels; from churches and schools to University Performing Arts Centers and TV studios.

The Bijou Plus combines the features of the Bijou with the moving light capabilites of the Offline Editor. The Bijou Plus includes four rotary assignable encoder wheels and a large trackball for comfortable and precise control. Four simple screen controls allows the user to easily setup actions in no time. Actions can be executed inparallel with cues, submasters, and effect with no issues.


Bijou Specification 
[81kb PDF]

Bijou User Manual rev4 (September 2004)
[1.54Mb PDF]

Bijou Datasheet (October 2004)
[135kb PDF]

Bijou Offline Editor (October 2004)
[85kb PDF]

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