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Electronics Diversified Inc., Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

From the former website, 2004:
For over 35 years, Electronics Diversified, Inc. has been a leading innovator in technology for the theatrical and architectural lighting controls industry. EDI was the first to design and manufacture reliable solid-state touring dimmers. We pioneered the use of opto-isolators in SCR dimming, and designed and manufactured the first electronics dimmers and memory control used on Broadway. With EDI's vertical manufacturing facility and full line of quality portable and permanent lighting control equipment, virtually any type of theatrical, performance, television, architectural and special lighting system is possible. Our primary focus is to maintain the quality of products and innovative engineering that our customers have come to expect. Let EDI create a controls solution for you!

1967 saw Electronics Diversified, Inc. incorporate to manufacture a solid-state SCR dimming system, designed under the direction of Don Cameron and Arthur P. Horne. Cameron’s theatrical experience and Horne’s electrical ability were combined to produce the SCRimmerTM lighting control system (from SCR dimmer). EDI was the first to manufacture reliable solid-state touring dimmers and the first manufacturer to use opto-isolators in a dimmer. The SCRimmer earned EDI a reputation for manufacturing a sturdy and reliable lightweight portable dimming system. Many original SCRimmer units are still in service. This tradition of quality and rugged construction is still clearly visible in the complete EDI product line.

1973 saw EDI move to its industrial park, located 10 miles west of Portland, Oregon, where it presently occupies 50,000+ square feet of manufacturing space. The manufacturing complex includes engineering, research & development, production assembly, test, quality control, complete metal fabrication, silk screen and finishing. Raw materials are delivered, sheared, punched, cleaned, painted, assembled, tested and crated in our facility. EDI is virtually the only manufacturer in the performance equipment industry with true 100% company-owned vertical integration of its manufacturing and development process. EDI has built a 30-year reputation for innovation and quality. The first electronic dimmers, and memory system (LS-8), used on Broadway to light the original New York musical production, "A Chorus Line", was manufactured by EDI. This control system can still be seen at the Boston Computer Museum after many years and literally thousands of reliable service on the Broadway production. Continuing a tradition of manufacturing firsts, in 1975 EDI mass-produced dimmer-per-circuit dimmer banks (DPCTM) for theatrical applications.

was the year EDI introduced 100,000 AIC rating on a performance dimmer bank and offered, as a standard feature, user-definable analog backup on digital dimming systems. Other firsts include the OmegaTM Show Controller, with fiber-optic digital control, specifically designed for theme park and museum applications.Based on the demanding principles of touring theatrical lighting, in 1982 EDI expanded its design and manufacturing efforts into architectural lighting control systems. EDI's innovations in architectural dimming provides unique packaging for the control flexibility needs in restaurant, lounge, ballroom, church, office building and lecture hall lighting. The architectural/special applications line is designed to dim incandescent, low voltage incandescent, fluorescent, cold cathode, neon lamps, and many of the new energy-conserving lamp styles. Architectural/special applications products include over 40 styles of wallplate control.

saw EDI introduce the EnActTM Control System. This console is designed for operation of up to 4000 dimmers and 2000 channels of control. The System is based upon the Intel 960 RISC processor, with standard PC interfaces to provide the speed required with the ease of operation the industry has come to expect. This product is currently in service throughout the world, including installations in China, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Italy, Austria, Brazil, Canada, and of course, the United States.

1994 saw EDI's introduction of TwiliteTM series control stations, with it's aesthetically pleasing style and conductive rubber control surfaces, offers another first in control design and engineering. The Twilite LCDTM, introduced in 1994 has proven to be the most comprehensive design in the high-end architectural market. Ii is in use now in literally hundreds of facilities, including the prestigious United States Senate Office buildings and in the House of Representatives.

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