UK – Stratford on Avon – Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Shakespeare Memorial Theatre: 1932 – 1961
Renamed Royal Shakespeare Theatre in 1961 after the formation of the theatre company of the same name. 

Built following the destruction of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre by fire in 1926 (19 April 1879 – 6 March 1926), on a site adjacent to the former theatre.

Architect: Elisabeth Scott
Seating Capacity: 1400.

2007 – 2010: Transformation Project to create a new 1040 seat thrust stage auditorium. 

Coriolanus Get-In Time Lapse, September 2017

Archive equipment related to Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon over the years

  • Electronic Control for Thyratron (Strand)
  • Grand Master Board (Strand)
  • DDM / System DDM (Strand)
  • Mentions of Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon in indexed journals


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