National Theatre – Dorfman Stage

Formerly known as the Cottesloe Theatre. Officially opened on 4th March 1977 (British Theatre Directory 1978).

Past Productions

  • Illuminatus (4 March 1977) first production

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    From the British Theatre Directory 1978:

    COTTESLOE Space holds between 200 and 400 depending on layout. The audience is accommodated on three interconnected levels on three sides of a central space which is available to either audience or performer. The whole space can be laid out in a number of different ways including scenic end stage; theatre in the round; one room end stage and, by raising the auditorium in the central space to stage height, a flat floor over the whole space. Other forms possible when the theatre is completed: thrust, rectangular arena, traverse etc.

    DIMENSIONS The whole space is 21m long by 19m wide. The five lighting and access bridges and interconnecting walkways are 7.3m above stage level. The central area between the encircling galleries is 9.9m wide and either 9.9m or 13.2m long depending on whether the side gallery extensions are in use. In scenic end stage form the stage area is 9m by 12m, the stage riser 1m.

    LIGHTING AND SOUND Lighting positions on central bridges, on tier fronts and over the end stage areas, where minimal scenic suspension on hemp and winch lines are provided. Lighting control by a portable memory system, Compact 120, with 80 dimmers initially installed. Sound control desk / SM also portable.

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