UK – London – National Theatre

The Royal National Theatre in London consists of three main venues, along with a labyrinthine backstage area with workshops, dressing rooms and technical facilities.

Dates: 1976 – present
Architect: Denys Lasdun

  • Lyttleton – Proscenium Arch theatre
  • Dorfman – 300 seat intimate auditorium, used as an experimental space. The auditorium can be reconfigured as necessary.
  • Olivier – 1200 seat auditorium. Huge thrust stage with a complex drum revolve and lift mechanism on stage.
    • Rehearsal Room One (the size of the Olivier stage) also contains a revolve, so that actors can work on the set, as close as possible to how it will be on the stage next door.

Tour of the National Theatre with Nicholas Hytner

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  • VCS3 (EMS Electronic Music Studios (London) Ltd.)
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    National Theatre Lightboard Modulation Trolley
    National Theatre Lightboard Modulation Trolley 
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    From Alan Luxford Collection

    The National Theatre - Arthur Lloyd 
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    From Arthur Lloyd website

    NT: Lighting up the Future (October 2015)
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    LSI - The National Theatre 40 Years of Tech (November 2017)
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