The Hunting of the Snark

Written by Mike Batt, this was a musically fascinating multimedia extravaganza utilizing some amazingly complex projection. Overly harsh reviews and lack of funds to support the expensive running costs sank the adventure before word of mouth had rescued it, as the public response was opposite to the critics.

Video – Concert version (1987)

Prince Edward Theatre (24 October 1991 – 14 December 1991)

Written, designed and co-directed by Mike Batt
Lighting Design by Andrew Bridge

A £2 million budget production of the musical opened in London, with striking scenic projection and designs. 12,000 animated slides were projected from 152 computer-linked Kodak Carousel projectors arranged around the theatre. Although reviews praised Batt’s visual concepts and Philip Quast as the Bellman, the show closed seven weeks later.

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Carousel Projector (1961 - 2004)


Projection Layout onstage
Projection Layout onstage (August 1991)
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LSI - The Hunting of the Snark (November 1991)
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