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LSI: Classic Gear - Shure SM58 (May 2008)
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Radio Microphones (under construction)

The use of radio microphones is now widespread across the theatre, film & event industries.
Their wide use is more recent than you may realise, however.

Use on Films:
Peter Handford, the sound recordist on Murder on the Orient Express (1974), shot at Elstree Studios, ‘pioneered the use of concealed radio microphones for feature film production’ (hidden in the furniture in the train carriages). 

Use in Theatre: 
Became widespread in the 1980s due to the new technologically-advanced musicals where sound reinforcement was needed to beat the volume of the electronic instruments and rock instruments in the band. 

This blog article has some great date references:

  • First use of a body-worn radio microphone on Broadway was Anna Maria Alberghetti in ‘Carnival’ in 1961.
  • The musical ‘The Grass Harp’ in 1970 was the last Broadway musical to use no body-worn radio microphones. 
  • Radio Mics were used on ‘Hello Dolly’ in 1971 with Ethel Merman. 
  • 1981: Dreamgirls (Broadway): 5 wireless mics swapped between cast members. 
  • 1982: Cats (Broadway): First Broadway production in which every cast member had an individual radio mic. 

Use in Live Music Performance: 
EDC (based in the UK) had a range of hand-held radio microphones available in 1979.

LSI: Classic Gear - The Radio Mic (May 2015)
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From Lighting & Sound International

LSI: Digital Wireless Microphones (February 2017)
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Cygnus Radio Microphones
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NE185 Radio Mic Receiver
U4S Marcad Diversity Radio Mic Receiver
Model 55 Unidyne  (1939)
Mikroport  (1957)
MD421 Dynamic Microphone  (1960)
SM58  (1966)
Sirius Radio Microphones  (1979)
N/D Microphones  (1987)

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