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Vagabond  (1953)

Shure Vagabond

Shure's first wireless microphone. The Vagabond was powered by two hearing aid batteries, and could transmit within a ‘performance circle’ of approximately 700 square feet. The name ‘Vagabond’ was chosen because ‘… it is a microphone that makes the entertainer foot-loose and fancy-free.’
The Vagabond mic/transmitter operated in the 2 MHz FM band, weighed one pound, was 1.4 inches in diameter and 12 inches in length. It had five subminiature vacuum tubes and worked for 25 to 30 hours on its batteries. 

From 1955 Shure Catalogue: 
The Vagabond “88” is the first practical wireless microphone system ever developed – no cables! …no body wiring! …no station license needed! The “88” is a complete wireless microphone system that can be used with the existing public-address equipment of any night club, auditorium, church, theater, athletic stadium, etc. The Vagabond “88” is recommended for clergymen, businessmen, entertainers, educators, and sports announcers, who need freedom of movement within an operating area of 500 to 1,000 square feet.

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