James Templeton Wood (Woody) (24 September 1906 – May 1985)

Woody of Strand

? – Western Electric Co, Glasgow

War – Woody won rapid promotion to to Lieut-Commander R.N.V.R. as a naval expert on Radar, with postings in England, France, Belgium & Germany. 

1946 – Joined Percy Corry as Assistant Manager of the Northern branch of Strand Electric.

1947 Developed the Thyratron dimming system (pre-Thyristor) which was first installed in Iceland in 1949

?1950 – Moved to London to head the ‘Sales Other’ department.

1959 – Became Manager of the Export Department.

1985 – Woody passed away. Memorial service was held in Littleton, Surrey. 

Branch News (Tabs - 1946)

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