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8 channel dimmer board  (ADB
Bench Type Stage Switchboard  (Frank Adam Electric Co
Bracket Handle  (Furse Theatre Products
Bracket Handle  (Strand
Control Desk  (Digby
More details to follow
Dead Front Board  (Strand  (1924)
DT14 Slider Dimmer  (Furse Theatre Products  (1955)
Grand Master  (Major
Grand Master Board  (Strand  (1931)
H.A.Car Portable Dimmerboard  (Strand
Hysterset Electronic Control  (Ward Leonard  (1945)
Interlocking Slider Dimmer  (Strand
6 way
Interlocking Sunset Dimmer Board  (Strand
6 way
Junior 8  (Strand  (1963)

8 channels and 4 dimmers

Junior Interlock Dimmerboard  (Strand
J1 Type
Junior Slider Switchboard / Junior H A Slider Dimmerboard  (Strand  (1950)
Junior Sunset Flexible Dimmerboards  (Strand
JS Type
Non-Interlocking Slider Dimmer / Switchboard  (Strand
Available as a 6 way dimmer board or a larger switchboard.
Peristyle Light Board  (Frank Adam Electric Co  (1933 - 1987)
Custom built for the Peristyle Concert Hall at the Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, USA
Portable Dimmerboard (PS.8 Type)  (Strand  (1957 - )
8 ways, either 500/1000 or 1000/2000 watt, variable load
Portable Interlocking Dimmer Board  (Strand  (1930 - 1957)
6 way or 12 way
Portable Teak Dimmer Board  (Strand  (1925 - 1957)
6 way or 12 way. Voltage Dimmers of any wattage from 100 to 1000.
Pre-set Selective Theatre Control  (Hub Electric Company  (1920s)
Q-Master  (Century  (1969)
Dimmers and integral preset controllers
Self Release Sunset Type Combined Switch & Dimmer Board  (Strand
Senior Sunset  (Strand
Slider Dimmers (A.C. only)  (Strand  (1963?)
Stage Switchboard  (Frank Adam Electric Co
TEN/20 Lighting Control  (Strand  (1968)
10 dimmers into 20 control channels. 
Three or Four Colour Switchboard  (Strand
TuR  (VEM Vereinigter Elektromaschinenbau der DDR  (1970s)
Unitrol  (Hub Electric Company  (1965)
Versa Dim Master Stage Switchboard  (Gaumont British
9 way dimmer control with 18 circuits, or 12 way dimmer control with 24 circuits. 
Available in other configurations.