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Autolight  (Modelbox
Capture  (Capture Sweden
Lighting / Scenic Visualisation
Drafty  (Drafty
Express-Track  (West Side Systems  (1987)
FollowSpot Manager  (SCO Associates  (2020)
Cue Sheet Management for FollowSpots
Lamp-Tramp  (Artistic Licence  (1994)
Lightwright  (John McKernon  (1988 - )
Lighting paperwork program
Maclux Pro  (Claude Heintz Design
Pro Tools  (Avid  (1991)
Digital Audio Workstation
QLab  (Figure 53  (2005)
Media Playback and Show Control for Mac
SFX  (Stage Research  (1995)
Windows PC-based media playback.
SFX 6 wins 2008 Sound Product of the Year in Live Design. 
SoftSymbols  (Field Template
SpaceMap  (Level Control Systems  (1992?)
VectorWorks Spotlight  (Nemetschek  (2000)
WYSIWYG  (Cast Software