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SFX  (1995)
Stage Research

Windows PC-based media playback.
SFX 6 wins 2008 Sound Product of the Year in Live Design. 

Official website:

Ohio-based company headed up by Carlton Guc and Brad Rembiellak.

2013: SFX 6.2
2008: SFX v.6.0
2002 November: SFX v5.6
2002 January: SFX v5.5
1998 July: SFX v.5.20a
1998 May: SFX 5.11a
1998 March : SFX v5.1
1997: SFX v5.0

Show Control SFX v5 Requirements (1999)

Pentium 200 MHz processor or better
64 MB of RAM
Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows 2000
Video resolution 800 x 600 (1024 x 768 preferable)
CD-ROM drive
SCSI Hard drive (recommended)
Microsoft DirectX software (included with SFX)
Sound Card(s) with DirectX drivers
Parallel port

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SFX 6.0 User Interface
SFX 6.0 User Interface 
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[154kb  JPEG]
SFX 5.4 Timecode
SFX 5.4 Timecode (2002)
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[90kb  JPEG]
SFX 5.5 Interface
SFX 5.5 Interface (January 2002)
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[58kb  JPEG]

SFX 5.0 User Guide (February 2002)
[2.66Mb PDF]

SFX 5.6 User Guide (November 2002)
[2.7Mb PDF]

SFX Feature Sheet (2003)
[1.01Mb PDF]

Front of House Magazine article (March 2004)
[130kb PDF]

Stage Research SFX - Nickelodeon (June 2010)
[External Website]

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