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Wholehog  (1992)
Flying Pig Systems

Wholehog, from Flying Pig Systems archive

Each of the 24 Wholehogs that were built was named and numbered individually. This wonderful list has been gathered from posts on the Flying PIg Systems anniversary Facebook page.

#01 'Eeny' (UK Prototype)
Owned by Nick Archdale at Carallon, London, UK
#02 'Meeny'
Sold to Meterolites. Sold on around 2005. Unknown location now.
#03 'Miny'
Sold to Meterolites, now owned by Nick Archdale at Carallon, London, UK
#04 'Mo'
Sold to Light & Sound Design for the Grateful Dead tour, along with #07 Dead 
Recently resurfaced after an auction in Kansas City and now owned and being restored by Nick Rockwell, St Louis, Missouri
#05 'Spotco'
Sold to Spotco, then sold to Opryland, USA, then sold to TMG Production Services in Nashville. The console was damaged in the Nashville floods of 2010, and was sold to AJ Epstein from salvage.  The PC brain was lost in the flood.
#06 'Sting'
Sold to US rental firm Upstaging Inc. Used by LD Nick Sholem for Sting's 1993 Ten Summoners Tales tour. Currently at ETC headquarters in Wisconsin
#07 'Dead'
Sold to Light & Sound Design. Used on the Grateful Dead tour along with #04 Mo. The PC brain is now in the possession of Mike Hanson, PRG, California.
#08 'Backup'
Sold to Sea World. Unknown location.
#09 'May' 
Sold to Laser Design. Now believed to be with Steve Irwin, Athens, Ohio, USA
#10 'Berlin'
Sold to Blackpool (?) PC brain now in possession of Roni Huber, Switzerland
#11 'June'
Alabama theatre console. Owned by Marty Huntoon, Pensacola, Florida (had it since 1993 at Alabama Theatre)
#12 'Alabama'
Alabama touring console
#13 'Monty'
Sold to Theatre Projects, then Rolling Stones.
#14 'Spain'
Sold to Light & Sound Design Ltd in Birmingham, UK. Now believed to be with Steve Irwin, Athens, Ohio, USA
#15 'Jostle'
Sold to Peter Gabriel. Now owned by Roni Huber (of Winkler) in Switzerland, using #10 Berlin's PC brain.
#16 'Sweet' 
Sold to Sogo Butai in Tokyo, Japan. Possibly still with them.
#17 'Gripper'
Sold to Aukes Theatertechniek, and still in their posession.
#18 'Mince' (shipped 9th August 1993)
Sold to Showtec in Germany. Later owned by Bright in Germany, then sold to Roni Huber. Now in the AED Museum in Belgium. 
#19 'Nerner'
Sold to Theatre Projects. Currently at Claypaky's Museum of Modern Showlighting at Bergamo in Italy. 
#20 'Twenty'
Originally sold to Entec, then Chris Wickham Productions. The company was acquired by Chaos Visual Productions in 2009, acquired by PRG in 2015. The desk and PC brain is now owned by PRG's Mike Hanso in California. 
#21 'Widget'
Originally sold to Theatre Projects and first used on Pink Floyd 1994 The Division Bell Tour. 
#22 'Lurch'
Originally sold to Theatre Projects, then to AC Inc.
#23 'Ninja'
Sold to M B Consultants, then possibly to Japan
#24 'Beaky' 
Sold to Sogo Butai in Japan.Possibly still in their possession.

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