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Dimming and Multiplex

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1210  (Strand Lighting  (2011)
Twelve 10A dimmer or relay switched channels in a 4U high 19 inch rack module.
24 channel demultiplexer  (Strand Lighting  (1990 - ?)
Control of 24 analogue dimmers.
3 Pack  (Strand Lighting  (2006)
3 way dimmer pack
6 Pack  (Strand Lighting  (2006)
4U high, 19 inch digital dimmer pack.
A21  (Strand Lighting
Dimmer Cabinet
Act 2  (Strand Lighting  (1983 - ?)
2 channel lighting control / dimmer
Act 3  (Strand Lighting  (1987 - 1994)
3 channel dimmer rack (3 x 20A dimmer)
Act 3+  (Strand Lighting  (1994 - ?)
Act 6  (Strand Lighting  (1984 - 1994)
6 channel dimmer rack (6 x 10A dimmer)
Act 6 Digital  (Strand Lighting
Act 6+  (Strand Lighting  (1994 - ?)
6 channel dimmer rack (6 x 10A dimmer)
Alphapack  (Zero 88
Alphapack 3  (Zero 88  (2016)
Alphapack II  (Zero 88
Andi DX  (Strand Lighting  (1996)
Modular Dimmer System
Arc Resistances  (Strand Lighting  (1945)
Radial Switch type, standard type or parallel type
ART2000  (Avolites  (2000)
ART4000 Dimmer  (Avolites  (1995)
Automatic Dimmers  (Strand Lighting  (1945-1969)
Type PTU or CYU
Bordoni Transformer Dimmer  (Siemens  (1930s)
C21  (Strand Lighting
Modular dimmer system
CD80 Advanced Electronics  (Strand Lighting
CD80 Digital Pack  (Strand Lighting  (1992)
CD80 Dimmer Banks and Modules  (Strand Lighting  (1981)
CD80 Rolling Rack  (Strand Lighting
The reliability of CD80 in a touring rack
CD80 Single Dimmer  (Strand Lighting
Stackable single dimmer at 2.4kW, 12kW, 24kW
CD80 Supervisor  (Strand Lighting
Modular Dimmer Rack System
CD90 Dimmer Rack  (Strand Lighting
Command 2  (CCT Lighting
Portable Dimmer Pack
CRD Dimmer Rack  (Strand Lighting
D54 Multiplex Protocol  (Strand Lighting
DC1-10  (ELTEC
Single channel dimmer (Student Series)
DC2-10  (ELTEC
Two channel dimmer (Student Series)
DC6-1000  (ELTEC
Six channel dimmer rack rated at 1kW per channel (Student Series)
DC90 Dimmer Racks and Modules  (Strand Lighting  (1987)
Dig 6  (Strand Lighting  (1998?)
6 channel digital dimmer
DMUX  (Strand Lighting
DR6-1300  (ELTEC
6 channel dimmer rack - 1300 Watts per channel
DR6-2000  (ELTEC
6 channel dimmer rack - 2000 Watts per channel
E.S.6000  (Electrosonic
Modular solid-state dimming. 6/12/18 way.
Early Metallic Dimmers  (Strand Lighting  (1925?)
Type A or Type B
Early Resistance Dimmers  (Strand Lighting  (1925?)
Wall-type or portable
EC21  (Strand Lighting  (2006)
Installation dimmer rack
EC90  (Strand Lighting  (1990 - ?)
Modular digital dimmer with reporter
FD DImmers  (Avolites  (1978)
Flatapak Racks  (Electrosonic
Furse Electronic Traveller Switchboard  (Furse  (1970 - )
4 channel portable dimmer rack
JTM  (Strand Lighting  (1965 - 1975)
Inexpensive variable-load dimmers housed in compact 20-channel or 10-channel racks.
LD Dimmers  (Avolites  (1976)
First Avolites product
LD24 Dimmer Rack  (Strand Lighting
LD90  (Strand Lighting  (1993 - ?)
Digital Dimming
Linebacker  (Zero 88
Liquid Dimmers  (Strand Lighting  (1915 - 1945)
Glazed earthenware jars, complete with fixed & moving lead cones.
MCM (Modular Crate Mounted)  (Strand Lighting  (1978)
30 x 20A or 60 x 10A Thyristor Dimmers
Mini 2 Dimmer Rack  (Strand Lighting  (1971)
Mini T Dimmer Rack  (Strand Lighting  (1970)
6 way dimmer pack. 50 - 1000W per channel. 
MTU  (Strand Lighting
Multimux 48  (Strand Lighting
Interface between analogue dimmers and DMX512 or D54
Multiplex F + D Interface  (Strand Lighting
Converts D54 and analogue control input to analogue control output on either 8 pin bleecon or D connector.
Perma 12  (Strand Lighting  (1977)
Wall-mounting 12 thyristor dimmer rack.
Permanent Dimmer Rack  (Arri  (1988)
Permus  (Strand Lighting  (1982 - ?)
Developed from Tempus dimmers
Permus Demultiplex Unit  (Strand Lighting
24 channel chassis-mounted interface unit for installation using multiplexed controls and Permus dimmers.
PIP  (Strand Lighting  (1986)
Plug-In Professional Dimmer Modules
Plate Resistance Dimmers  (Strand Lighting  (1945)
Portable Dimmer  (Arri  (1988 - )
Portable High Power Dimmer Pack  (Strand Lighting  (1977)
Portable pack with 3 or 10 x 5kW maximum capacity Thyristor dimmers. 
Portable Touring Equipment  (Strand Lighting  (1968?)
Portapak  (Electrosonic  (1974)
6 x 2.5kW touring rack
Portapak 3  (Pulsar  (1988 - )
Touring dimmer system - 36 channels, 10 amps per channel
ProPack  (Strand Lighting  (2008)
High density high power dimming in a 2U rack mount package
PTM  (Strand Lighting  (1968?)
Plug-in dimmer modules and associated racks
PTU  (Strand Lighting
Q Pack / QPack  (Light Processor
6 channel dimmer pack
Rackmaster 260  (Zero 88  (1988 - )
Regal Dimmer  (CCT Lighting
10 Amp dimmer modules
Regal Portable Dimmer Pack  (CCT Lighting
6 x 10 Amp dimmers
Regent 1 Followspot Dimmer  (CCT Lighting
10 Amps
Regent 4 way dimmer unit  (CCT Lighting
RelayRack  (Strand Lighting  (2014)
12 channel 10 Amp Relay Panel
Resistance Dimmers - Electro-Magnetic Mechanical Type  (Strand Lighting
S72 Demultiplexer  (Strand Lighting
DMX to Analogue Demultiplexer for up to 72 channels
SD/WH  (Strand Lighting  (1959 April)
The first 220/240V SCR dimmer
SD6 Digital Dimmer  (Strand Lighting
Series 2 Dimmer  (Celco
Slate Type Slider Resistance Dimmers  (Strand Lighting  (1945)
SLD96  (Strand Lighting  (2001?)
Dimmer rack
STM  (Strand Lighting  (1975)
Successor to the JTM
Sunset Resistance Dimmers  (Strand Lighting  (1945)
Type A, Type A1, Type B, Type D, Wall Mounting Type
System 6  (Strand Lighting  (1994)
Compact wall-mounted dimmer cabinet: 6 x 15A or 6 x 20A dimmers
Tempus  (Strand Lighting  (1980)

Portable dimmer packs

Thyratron  (Strand Lighting  (1952 - 1966)

Valve Dimming

Transformer Dimmers  (Strand Lighting  (1945? - ?)
TU Thyristor Unit Dimmer  (Strand Lighting
5kW maximum. Basic unit dimmer for single circuit. 
Tubular Resistance Dimmers  (Strand Lighting  (1945)
Type T1, T2, T4
XTM  (Strand Lighting