UK – Southsea – Kings Theatre

Dates: 1907 – present 

Designed by Frank Matcham

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From British Theatre Directory, 1978
Seats 1780. Four bars. 
Proscenium stage. Raked. 
Switchboard: Strand Grand Master; 68 ways; Floats 5 Battens, 4 circuits each, No.1 batten above setting line, 1.83m centres between all battens. Batten circuits patchable. Spot Bar 12 Strand Patt.243, 1kW each, above setting line; Stage Dips O.P. and P.S. 2 Upstage parallel, 2 Downstage, parallel, 1 Backstage, each 3 circuits x 2kW, total 15 circuits; A/A Fly Plugs, 6 1kW, 1 2kW, situated O.P. Flys; F.O.H. 6 Strand Patt.264 1kW Spots mounted and encased on front of Upper Circle (Auditorium Upper Boxes, O.P. and P.S. 4 Strand Patt. 223, 1 kW on each box, mounted on purpose built brackets, capable of supporting additional lanterns; these are units supplied from A/A Fly Plugs): Follow Spots 2 Strand Patt. 765 C.S.I. 1kW lamps. Mounted in Projection Room in Gallery. 
Sound Equip: 60W Amplifier, 6 inputs. 2 Float microphones, 1 Motorised Riser Microphone. 2 Mobile Microphones on stands; Dressing Room Show Monitor and Tannoy Call System; Speakers F.O.H. 

From British Theatre Directory, 1987-88
Pros. opening 9.14m. Ht of pros 7.92m. Depth of s/line: 10.36m. Ht of grid 16.76m. 48/50 lines, part c/w. Scenery flying height 8.23m. Flying bars 11.58m. Wing widths PS 4.27m. OP 4.27m. Prompt Cnr OP. 
Switchboard: Berkey Colortrack (78 2.5kW, 6 5kW). Due to supply, full up states are limited to 120kW max. 
Racks situated on OP fly floor. 12 circuits in DSR corner. Floats and 5 battens, 4 circuits each. No 1 batten above setting line: 1.83m centres between all battens. No. 1 S/B 12 Patt 243 (no barndoors). No.2 S/B 12 x Colortran 6″ Fresnels (with barndoors). No,3 S.B 8 Patt.223 (with barndoors). FOH: 6 Patt.264 mounted front of upper circle (3 pairs). 4 Sil/30 and 4 40″ Ellipsoidals each side of auditorium above boxes. Additional lanters: 14 ParCans (120V) 8 AC1001, 5 Patt.49 Floods; Follow Spots 2 764 CSI mounted in Gallery. 
Sound equipment: ‘Oval’ 16 into 2 mixer. ‘Oval’ 250W per channel stereo amp. H/H TPA 50.0 stereo amp. PA speakers consist of 3 pairs of Bose; Revox B77 MkII, JVC KD A-7 cassette deck, Technics direct drive turntable, Pioneer SA9500/11 Hifi amp driving two B&O Speakers situated FOH; mics include 4 semi-rifled foot mics and 2 hand-held rover mics. 

Links to information about equipment at Kings Theatre Southsea over the years

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  • Patt.264 (Strand)
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  • Berkey Colortran Colortrack (Berkey Colortran)
  • Silhouette (CCT Lighting)
  • Theatre Fresnel (Berkey Colortran)
  • Express (Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC)
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