UK – Manchester – Opera House

Dates:1910 – present

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Stage Machinery

3 lifts across stage. No.1 and No.2 are 7.32m x 1.52m and No.3 is 9.75m x 2.44m. A band wagon on orchestra lift can travel upstage onto No.3 lift. 

Selected Past Productions

West Side Story – European Premiere (14 November 1958 – 6 December 1958) before transferring to Her Majesty’s Theatre, London
Operette by Noel Coward (17 February 1938 to 12 March 1938) before transferring to Her Majesty’s Theatre, London


1971 (from The Stage Guide)
Electrics: Strand Thyratron board on SL perch. Dimmers – 120 x 2kW; 1 preset. Circuits – FOH 20; Flies and stage dips 100. Socket type 15A BESA. Special effects supply – 3 x 75A on 1 phase and 150A on 3 phases. All effects supplies are contactor controlled. Followspots – 2 Patt 501 in rear of Balcony. Footlights can be removed. 
Sound: Console SL has 12 channel mixer. 2 amplifiers x 120W. No tape decks, 1 turntable. Mic sockets – 16 (including 5 electrically operated risers). 6 loudspeakers. 

Exhibits from this venue in the Backstage Heritage Collection

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