UK – London – Royal Festival Hall

Dates: 1951 – present

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Auditorium: 2500 seats



1971 (from The Stage Guide)
Electrics: Strand Electric board in auditorium SL. Dimmers – 84 (16 x 3.3kw, 5 x 4.8kW, 38 x 1.5kW, 25 x 2.5kW); 6 presets; 6 groups. Circuits – FOH 16; Flies 28; Stage dips 12. Socket type – 15A BESA. Follow spots – 2 DC arcs and 2 AC arcs all of 3.5kW in arc slots at rear of auditorium. 
Sound: Console in auditorium SR. Amplifiers -2 x 45W. 2 tape decks. 2 turntables. 10 mic sockets of Wylex PWMD 5. Loudspeakers 11 and 2 spare sockets Wylex PWMD 5. 

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    MMS at the Royal Festival Hall
    MMS at the Royal Festival Hall 
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