UK – Hull – New Theatre

Dates:1939 – present



2016: Closed for refurbishment – due to re-open in 2017

1985 – From Lighting & Sound International (November 1985)
“Extensive Refurbishment for Hull New Theatre”
The recently re-opened New Theatre at Hull has had considerable refurbishment, and the technical side has by no means been forgotten. Chief electrician Alan Edwards told L+SI that the limes box has been extended to provide accommodation for the theatre’s new lighting board and two new CSI follow spots.
The Q-Master 2000 lighting board has been extended from 80 to 120 ways by the addition of 24 2.5k and 16 5k Green Ginger dimmers. The existing front of house lighting bridge has been extended to allow 8 2k Silhouette 30’s to be added to the existing Patt.264s. In addition, the existing F.O.H. vertical booms have been re-positioned and equipped with 1k Sil.30’s. 
A complete new sound system has been installed based on Bose speakers and a 16 channel Studio Master mixing desk. Also included are graphic equalisers, a digital reverb unit, 2 Revox B77 tape decks, a Technics cassette deck, 6 Sennheiser rifle mics, and 6 Shure SM58 vocal mix. 
The general lantern stock has also been increased by adding 20 1k and 6 2k Starlettes, and a new flood bar has been purchased.”


1971 (from The Stage Guide)
Electrics: Strand SP80 in rear of Circle. Dimmers – 80 x 2kW; 3 presets, 2 groups. Circuits: FOH 20 (8 top and 12 on booms); Flies 15; Stage dips 12. Socket type 15A BESA. Total capacity to stage: 600A on 3 phases. Special effects supply: 100A on 3 phases. Follow spots: 2 in Upper Circle Strand Patt.501. Footlights can be removed.
Sound: Console in SL. Amplifiers 2 x 80W. Tape decks – none. Turntables – 2. Mic sockets: 3 x 3 pin. Loudspeakers – 2 on proscenium. Spare sockets – 2 jacks.

Links to information about equipment at Hull New Theatre over the years

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