UK – Bradford – Alhambra Theatre

Dates: 1914 – present

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1971 (The Stage Guide)
Electrics: Strand Grand Master on SL perch. Dimmers – 51 (1kW and 2kW); 7 groups. Circuits – FOH 12 (6 circle front, 6 balcony front); Flies 24; Stage dips 8 and 6 independent. Socket type – Strand 25A. Special effects supply – 300A on 3 phases. Followspotsj – 2 Strand sunspots in rear of Balcony. Footlights are installed and cannot be covered. 
Sound: Console on SL perch. 2 x 30W amplifiers. No tape decks. No turntables. Mic sockets – 5. Loudspeakers – 6 proscenium and circle and balcony. There are also 6 spare sockets. 

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