Stage Management Team

Stage Manager (SM)

The Head of the Stage Management team comprising the deputy stage manager (DSM) and assistant stage manager (ASM). Depending on the needs of the production, there may be a team of stagehands, usually casual employees.
French: régisseur.
German: Theatermeister or Bühnenmeister.

Deputy Stage Manager (DSM)

In the UK, the DSM is often “on the book” – that is, they are in charge of calling all of the technical and actor cues during the show, usually using a headset communications system and/or a system of cue lights. The DSM is often also in rehearsal working with the director to prepare the prompt book. Known in some places as a Stage Director or Showcaller.

Assistant Stage Manager (ASM)

Usually shortened to ASM, the assistant stage manager is the most junior member of the Stage Management team, and is often in charge of sourcing and running Properties during the run of a show. She or he is also a member of the stage ‘crew’.

The Prompt Book

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