Managing Props

Planning Props

  1. Start with the text – after having prepared a rough initial from the text, meet with the director(s) to identify what elements are needed for their vision of the show. 
  2. Make a list of the elements, and decide whether to buy, borrow, hire or make each of them (use the Props Breakdown document below)
  3. Discuss with your Stage Management Team as they may know of resources, or have items themselves
  4. Think about the overall aesthetic, especially if you are hiring some set items (which will be professionally painted) and will stand-out on an otherwise bare / un ‘designed’ stage.
  5. Keep track of all elements throughout the process, and ensure you keep track of any additions and deletions during the rehearsal process. Use a simple colour code to indicate if each item is sorted.
  6. Plan how to get the elements to the venue
  7. Ensure you have a plan to remove everything from the venue and return it to its’ owner!


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