Broadway: May 31, 1977 – Oct 17, 1979

Produced by David Krebs and Steven Leber
Conceived by Steven Leber, David Krebs and Jules Fisher;
Featuring songs by John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison;
Editorial Content by Robert Rabinowitz, Bob Gill and Lynda Obst;
Music arranged by Andrew Dorfman and Elliot Rossoff
Production Supervised by Jules Fisher
Scenic Design by Robert D. Mitchell;
Sound Design by Abe Jacob;
Hair Design by Phyllis Della;
Visuals Directed by Charles E. Hoefler;
Multi-Media Images by Robert Rabinowitz, Bob Gill, Shep Kerman and Kathleen Rabinowitz;
Multi-Media Consultant: John Hoover;
Lighting Design by Jules Fisher;
Media Technical Advisor: Bob Westerfield;
Assistant Lighting Design: Robert Davis

Lighting by Jules Fisher – the first show on Broadway to use a Strand Light Palette (although it’s thought this was introduced when the show changed venues in 1979)

Slide and movie projection controlled by equipment from Arion Corporation.

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