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Chromoid Colour Filters
High temperature colour filter, made from body-dyed polycarbonate. 
Chromolux (v.1)  (1936?)
Colour Filters
Colour Change Control
Colour Filters - Cinemoid  (1947)
Colour Wheel
Effects wheel add-on to Patt.23
Electric Sign Letters  (1925)
Flame Flicker Effect  (1967)
For Patt.123 or later Prelude or Quartet.
Flicker Wheel  (1925)
Hand-operated Magazine for 4 colours
Illuminated Fountain
Mirrorball Rotator
2.5 revs per minute (1953)
Optical Effects Disc  (1925)
For use with Patt.33 Optical Effects Lantern
Portable Electric Blowers  (1925)
For wind effects, flag waving, silken flames etc.
Rainbow Wheel  (1925)
Sea Wave Effect
Colloquially known as the Up & Down Sea Wave Effect, this is more formally known as 'Box Type Sea Wave, with reciprocating action'
Smoke and Flash Powder
Stage Lightning Lantern  (1925)
Tubular Wave Ripple