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Architectural Luminaires - Strand

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Architectural Downlights
Range of recessed downlights which require remote transformers.
Architectural SL  (2000 - )
Range using CDM lamps with 8000 hour lamp life
Architectural Spotlights
Range of open-faced spotlights which require remote transformers.
Metal Halide architectural luminaires. Fresnel and Profile available.
Kaleidakon  (1939)
Lamp Troughing  (1945)
Magazine Cornice Lighting  (1945)
Miniature cyclorama-style floodlight. Uses 150W T3 Q/CL lamp.
Mini-Fresnel  (1974?)
12V 100W with integral (or external) transformer.
Mini-Profile  (1974?)
12V 100W with integral (or external) transformer.
Miniature version of Strand's Punchlite designed for use with a 50W 12V dichroic tungsten halogen lamp, and suitable for use with Strand Architectural Dimmers. 
Minispot  (1967)
Shop Window Floods  (1945)