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AutoScroll - Showchangers  (Strand
ShowChanger scroller control
Chromatic MX Colour Wheel  (CCT Lighting
24V AC remote controllable colour wheel
Color Ranger  (Morpheus Lights  (1982)
Coloram  (Wybron  (1990)
Coloram II  (Wybron
Coloram IT  (Wybron
Colormax  (Wybron  (1980)
The first colour scroller
Colorsette / Coloursette  (CCT Lighting
Auto colour changer
ColorWiz  (GAM Great American Market
Colorwiz 4150  (Wybron
Colour Call Scrollers  (Strand  (1992)
Colourset Scroller  (CCT Lighting
Coloursette 2 range
CXI  (Wybron
Forerunner  (Wybron
4 inch or 7.5 inch
GelJet  (Avolites  (1988)
Parscroller - Showchangers  (Strand
3-16 colours, mounts onto Punchlite, variable speed colour change
Rainbow Scroller  (Camelont  (1988)
Semaphore Colour Changer  (Strand
SetScroll - Showchangers  (Strand
ShowChanger scroller control
The Scroller  (Wybron