Exhibits at White Light

20 Merton Industrial Park, Jubilee Way, Wimbledon, London SW19 3WL

Accessing the exhibits:
Viewing by appointment only

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  Footlights / Groundrow - 4 feet [reproduction]

  Gas Table

  Wing Length (4 feet) [reproduction]

Stage Lanterns

  CCT Silhouette 30

  Digby Half-Watt Box

  Furse Frenca

  GEC 300/500W Flood

  Schwabe Horizon Flood

  Strand Patt.264

  Strand Patt.27 Float Spot

  Strand Patt.43

  Strand Patt.50A Pageant

  Strand Patt.52

  Strand Patt.56 Acting Area

  Strand Patt.73

Control Desks - Manual


  Electronic Control Desk

  Electrosonic Prototype Control Desk

  Glyndebourne Control Desk

  Light Console, Theatre Royal Drury Lane

  Relay bank from Bristol Light Console

  System CD

  System LC

  Thorn PM60 Control Desk


  Chaser 300

Control Desks - Memory

  Alderham 60 Showboard 602 Control Desk

  Berkley Colortran Colortrack

  Compact from St Martins Theatre

  DDM PDP11 Electronics Rack

  Duet 2 Console

  Duet 2 Effects Wing & Pin Patch

  Duet 2 Fader Wing & Connection Cables

  Galaxy 2 Backup Module

  Galaxy Control Desk

  Galaxy Electronics Crate

  Galaxy Group Master Panel

  Galaxy/Gemini Riggers Remote


  Gemini 2

  IDM Control Desk


  Lightboard M

  Tempus M24 Control desk

  Tempus M24 Hantarex Monitor

  Zero 88 Eclipse Control Desk

Moving Lights

  Coemar Robot 250SN

Control - Direct

  Bracket Handle (Finding Neverland)

  Versa Dim Master Stage Switchboard (9 way)

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