Exhibits at University of Exeter Drama Department

Alexander Building, Thornlea, New North Road, Exeter EX4 4LA

Accessing the exhibits:
9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday
01392 727644 to make appointment.

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  Celco 60 Major Control Desk

  Heavy Duty Connector

  Level 18 Plus

  Q-File Channel Module

  Q-File Circuit Controller

  Q-File Indicator Panel

  Q-File Main Control

Stage Lanterns

  Pattern 252 Effects Projector

Control Desks - Manual

  SP/40 Control Desk


  Flame Flicker Effect

  Sea Wave Effect

Control Desks - Memory

  Arri Image

  Arri Mirage

  Avolites Pearl 2000


  Duet Fader Wing

  Express 125

  Galaxy 2 Effects Module

  Galaxy 2 Preset Masters

  Galaxy Effects Module

  Galaxy Preset Masters

  Gemini 2

  Q-File LD103 File Selector #1

  Riggers Remote

Motor Control / Scenic Automation

  Impressario Automation Control Desk

Control - Direct

  Junior 8

Stage Management

  Stage Management panel

Drafting Aids

  Lighting Stencil: RB Lighting

  Lighting Stencil: Selecon

  Lighting Stencil: Strand

  Lighting Stencil: Theatre Projects

Sound Effects

  Yamaha SPX90

Sound Playback

  Akai S1000 Sampler

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