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C / System C  (1956)

240 channel memory and preset control desk Strand System C.

Similar to CD, but for more than 160 circuits.

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System C Specification for Riverside Studios (August 1955)
[7.5Mb PDF]
From Bob Anderson Collection

System C: BBC Riverside manual (1956)
[5.8Mb PDF]
From Frederick Brown Collection

1957 Theatrical Lighting (1957)
From Strand Archive

System C BBC Television Theatre (1957)
From Bob Anderson Collection

1961 Lighting for Entertainment - page 18 (1961)
From Strand Archive

1963 Lighting for Entertainment page 19 (April 1963)
From Strand Archive

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System C  
Original installation still in place, unused, above the BBC EastEnders studios.
From Backstage Heritage Collection

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Elstree Updates (Strandlight - 1988)

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