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SN100 Series Shownet Node  (1996 - )

SN110 DMX Node

SN100 (1996 - )





SN110: Dual Port Ethernet DMX node
Based on a 32 bit ARM processor, all SN110 nodes utilise the Linux operating system for stable 10/100BT operation. Nodes may be configured with Strand's popular ShowNet Pro software or with any browser connected to the Ethernet Network including the new Strand Lighting Wireless Focus Remote.


Shownet Ethernet Signal Distribution specification 
[102kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

1996 Strand Catalogue - New Products (1996)
From Strand Archive

1996 Strand Catalogue - Theatre & Studio Controls (1996)
From Strand Archive

SN100 / SN102 / SN104 / Shownet Datasheet (November 1996)
[346kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

1998-99 Strand Catalogue - Software & Networking (1998)
From Jim Laws Collection

Ethernet Nodes SN100 - SN104 (1998)
[189kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

The Use of Networking in Theatrical Lighting Applications (1998)
[2Mb PDF]
From Richard Bunting Collection

2000 Product Guide - page 8 (2000)
From Strand Archive

2000 Product Guide - page 9 (2000)
From Strand Archive

SN110 Node Installation Manual (November 2002)
[364kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Shownet Configuration Course Notes (2004)
Date to be confirmed
[1.5Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Shownet Design Course Notes (2004)
Date to be confirmed
[8.9Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

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