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SLD Dimmers  (2000)

SLD96 Dimmer Rack

Dimmer rack for 24 or 48 dual dimmer modules. 
From 2002 CD ROM:
Our most advanced digital dimmers to date, the new SLD Series dimmers represent performance and value for all levels of users. Status reporting on all dimmers combines with digital electronics and high performance components to form the core of our new system.

Winner of the EDDY Award in 2000 (from Entertainment Design)

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SLD48 Module Dimmer Rack Specification 120V 
[140kb PDF]
SLD96 Rack
SLD96 Rack 
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[73kb  JPEG]

Technology Brief - Sinewave Dimmer Technology 110V 
[163kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Technology Brief - Sinewave Dimmer Technology 230V 
[163kb PDF]
Eddy Award
Eddy Award (2000)
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[243kb  JPEG]

SLD96 User Manual (French) (2001)
[1.6Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

SLD 120V Datasheet (2002)
[145kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

SLD 230V Datasheet (2002)
[190kb PDF]

SLD96 Dimmer Rack Installation Manual (June 2002)
[2.3Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

SLD96 Dimmer Rack Operators Guide (November 2002)
[1.2Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

SLD Installation Manual (July 2004)
[1.67Mb PDF]

SLD Maintenance Manual (October 2005)
[1.15Mb PDF]
From John Wright Collection

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