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Patt.93  (1954)

Pattern 93 from 1956 Catalogue

Long Range 1000W Spotlight
This lantern gives a high power, narrow angle clear cut beam of twice to three times the intensity of the standard Mirror spot. Beam shape and size is adjustable by iris diaphragm and four sided masking shutter. 
Specially suitable for long throw precision work or as a following spot comparable with, but more convenient than, a small arc. 
Lamp: 1000W Class A1 tubular projector with large prefocus cap.
Beam angles: Maximum 15 degrees, minimum 6 degrees.

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Patt93 Datasheet (September 1956)
[302kb PDF]

1958 Pricelist - page 6 (October 1958)
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1958 Pricelist - page 7 (October 1958)
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1961 Lighting for Entertainment - page 8 (1961)
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1961 Lighting for Entertainment - page 9 (1961)
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Hire Charges - Strand Electric (February 1968)
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A Long Range 1000 Watt Spotlight (1954)

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