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C-AE - System C-AE  (1964)

System C/AE at the London Palladium (1966) from TABS

AE stands for All-Electric.
From Brian Legge:
120-240 channels 2-preset, 2 groups/preset and 20 electromechanical memory groups of grouping selection. Luminous fader levers, at 5/8-inch centres, with the scale also selection switch for grouping and also white and/or red, or off grouping indication. Electro-mechanical logic in remote data racks.Used with multiples of 30 x 5kW max. channel CRD Thyristor dimmer racks. 2-slope wing(s) and centre desk. First 1963, last 1965, replaced by MGP.
10+ off, including 4-preset Royal Opera House

From Fred Bentham's Sixty Years Of Light Work:
"...all-electric thyristor dimmer banks were operated via a relay and contactor array which automatically parked channels brought-in. Compton group-memory was retained and in consequence the number of levers as presets was much less than otherwise would have been needed."

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Fader Unit for System C/AE
Fader Unit for System C/AE 
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From Frederick Brown Collection

System C-AE Covent Garden Instruction Manual 
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From Bob Anderson Collection

System CRD / C/AE Description (1963)
[6.01Mb PDF]
From David Bertenshaw Collection

Covent Garden Report by Fred Bentham (1964)
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From David Bertenshaw Collection

C/AE4 Technical Manual - Covent Garden (July 1964)
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From David Bertenshaw Collection
System C/AE Control at the London Palladium
System C/AE Control at the London Palladium (1966)
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System C/AE FOH Control  (1964)
From Gaiety Theatre Collection

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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning at the London Palladium (1966)

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