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Rockboard  (1977)

Rockboard 48 channel with touch matrix, from Cue issue 1, 1979

Group selection, pin matrix programming, touch button chaser options. 
24 / 36 / 48 / 60 channel options.
The early evolution of the Rockboard (and associated dimmer rack) is covered on this great website about lighting for The Who (some strong language)

From 'Electrosonic: 50 Years on the Audio-Visual Front Line' page 90:
"Jim Moody (author of 'Concert Lighting') contributed greatly to the specification of what became a famous Electrosonic 'standard product'. This was ROCKBOARD, a console whose name says it all. It was basically a two preset, three groups per preset system with flash buttons on every channel, and a hidden pin matrix for ten more group masters, and for selecting channels to the 'chase' feature. 
One optional feature was a massive array of buttons constituting a 'touch matrix'. This allowed up to five groups to be set up very fast simply by touching a channel button. This facility needed an array of 300 buttons in the case of a 60 channel board!"


Stage Lighting Brochure 
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From Jim Laws Collection

LSI Classic Gear - Rockboard (September 2018)
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From Lighting & Sound International

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Rockboard - 36 channel  
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Rockboard - 60 channel  
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