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Restaurants, lobbies, and small venues now have a lighting system that has a brain. The SMall ARchitectural Twilite System is a single LAN system with 104 system wide preset and 100 zone capability. The heart of the system is housed in a small wall-mount panel which has an LCD display panel similar to the advanced TSC system. The unit can function alone or have 16 remote stations. Digital slider stations, pushbutton stations, ranging from 2 to 10 buttons, handheld infrared remote and multiple LCD stations with adjustable editing restrictions are supported. Eight rooms may be separated and combined with multiple solution approaches to head table tracking. Versatile global presets can cross room boundaries for multi-room and multipurpose uses that allow for a very flexible control hierarchy. The Smart System supports timed functions that can be setup weekly or daily. A total of 20 timed events can programmed into system. These items add to the numerous features that makes the SMART System unique and affordable.

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A425 SMART (2005)
[59kb PDF]

SMART User Manual rev.C (April 2005)
[220kb PDF]

A426 SMART Station datasheet (May 2005)
[79kb PDF]

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