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MVP 6/12 Pak Dimmer  EDI


Designed for simplicity, the MVP 6/12 Pak Dimmer provides exceptional noise suppression at all levels. The MVP 6/12 Pak Dimmer accepts DMX 512 and can be easily setup by setting the start address using the 2 rotary switches. Multiple units can be setup to work on the same starting address if needed. A removable door is featured, giving easy access to components. Optional Saf-T-Cube protects low-voltage DMX data cables and associated console and dimmer bank electronics from any potential contact with high-voltage power. The MVP 6/12 Pak Dimmer is made to the same rugged construction and quality standards used throughout EDI product lines.


MVP Manual (October 2004)
[177kb PDF]

MVP 6/12 Pak Datasheet (April 2005)
[137kb PDF]

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