Memo-Q  (1968)

Memo-Q Console at Wisconsin State University at Eau Claire (1970)

Memory control system developed for Century Lighting by George Van Buren of Sicodim. 

From 1970 advert:
Memo-Q is a tradename indicating a Century Strand-Sicodim custom-build lighting control system with memory. Memo-Q systems are solid state, fully automatic and provide instantaneous recall and recording of cues at random or in order at will. Memo-Q systems can be furnished for virtually unlimited quanities of dimmers and presets with permanent or selectable submastering timed fading and mastering, instant (millisecond) random recording and recall of cues, permanent recording of cues, complete circuit and cue display, instant intensity notation, automatic sequential playback and many other features. 

L.A. Civic Light Opera (Los Angeles, California)
Ford's Theatre - Washington D.C.
Rockford College - Rockford, Illinois
De Anza College - Cupertino, California
International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Grand Theatre, Quebec - Large Theatre and Small Theatre venues
St Lawrence Centre for the Arts
Dalhousie University, Studio 1, Studio 2, Rebecca Cohn Auditorium
McMillan Planetarium, Vancouver
Phoenix Civic Plaza Concert Hall - Phoenix Arizona

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Memo-Q Brochure (February 1969)
From Mike Murnane Collection

Advert: Memo-Q (December 1970)
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From Theatre Design & Technology
Advert - Theatre Crafts May/June 1975
Advert - Theatre Crafts May/June 1975 (May 1975)
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From Backstage Heritage Collection
Memo-Q Console at Fords Theatre
Memo-Q Console at Fords Theatre (1977)
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From David Bertenshaw Collection
Memo-Q Fader Wing at Fords Theatre
Memo-Q Fader Wing at Fords Theatre (1977)
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From David Bertenshaw Collection

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