Adrian V. Samoiloff ( – )

Adrian V. Samoiloff (October 1921)

Russian artistic ‘electro-technician’ who perpetrated colour tricks using lights of complementory colours. By using red and green lights, he was able, for example, to turn the king of comedy, George Robey, into a ‘negro in green striped pyjamas’. His tricks with coloured lighting were originally seen at the London Hippodrome in 1921 in a variety show called ‘The Peep-Show’, in a scene called ‘The Valley of Echoes’, advertised by the wonderful newspaper billing ‘Staged with Spectrum Analysis by ADRIAN SAMOILOFF’ (The Times, September 16 1921). 

His ‘Samoiloff Lighting Scheme’ led to battens being made by Strand Electric. 
> 1925 Strand Electric Catalogue entry