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Astrodisco  (Clay Paky  (1982)
Astroraggi  (Clay Paky  (1983)
ATMOSPHERE  (MDG Fog Generators Ltd
Haze Generator
Atomic 3000 DMX  (Martin  (2000)
3000W Xenon Discharge Strobe
Atomic 3000 LED  (Martin  (2015)
AutoScroll - Showchangers  (Strand Lighting
ShowChanger scroller control
Beamer  (GAM Great American Market  (1993)
Moving mirror attachment for profile lantern
Centrepiece  (Martin  (1993)
Chromoid Colour Filters  (Strand Lighting
High temperature colour filter, made from body-dyed polycarbonate. 
Cinelux  (Strand Lighting
Colour Filters
ColorMerge  (High End Systems  (2003)
Dichroic colour mixing accessory for ETC Source 4
Colorsette / Coloursette  (CCT Lighting
Auto colour changer
Colour Call Scrollers  (Strand Lighting  (1992)
Colour Change Control  (Strand Lighting
Colour Filters - Cinemoid  (Strand Lighting
Colour Filters - Gelatine  (Strand Lighting
Colour Scroller  (Rainbow
Colour Wheel  (Strand Lighting
Colourset Scroller  (CCT Lighting
Coloursette 2 range
Digital Light Curtain  (DHA Ltd  (1991)
Pitching low voltage batten with integral scroller
Disco Ball  (Omega National Products  (1969)
Dominator 1200 XT  (Robe  (1994)
Dreampanel  (Ayrton  (2005)
50 x 50cm LED tile for video flooring
Dreampanel Ghost 256  (Ayrton  (2007)
Video panel: 1820 LEDs per square metre, transparency of over 50%.
Dreampanel Screen 256  (Ayrton  (2006)
Modular, easy installation
Eddiscope  (Strand Lighting
Effects wheel add-on to Patt.23
Electric Sign Letters  (Strand Lighting  (1925)
Electronic Flickering Candle  (Lighting Technology  (1986? - )
Flame Flicker Effect  (Strand Lighting  (1967)
For Patt.123 or later Prelude
Flash Box  (Lancelyn Lighting  (1979)
Flicker Wheel  (Strand Lighting  (1925)
GamColor  (GAM Great American Market
Halostar 1000  (CCT Lighting
8000 lumens CSI effect projector (with ballast), 1000 Watts
Halostar 400  (CCT Lighting
3000 lumens CSI effect projector (with ballast)
Hand-operated Magazine for 4 colours  (Strand Lighting
Heavy Fog  (Jem
Large combined chiller & smoke machine with controller, on wheels
I-Cue  (Rosco  (2000)
Moving mirror attachment for profile lantern. Fits into the gel slot on the front of the lantern.
ICE FOG  (MDG Fog Generators Ltd
Low Fog Generators
Illuminated Fountain  (Strand Lighting
KK Wheel  (CCT Lighting
LC Video Panels  (Martin  (2006)
Lee Filters  (Lee Filters
Light Curtain 560  (DHA Ltd  (1980)
Lobsterscope  (Altman Stage Lighting Co.
Magnum Pro 2000  (Martin  (1994)
Smoke machine
Mania Series  (Martin  (2004)
Maroons  (Strand Lighting
MAX Fog Generators  (MDG Fog Generators Ltd
Me Fog Generators  (MDG Fog Generators Ltd
Mini Max / Mega Max  (MDG Fog Generators Ltd
Mini Mist Turbo  (Le Maitre
Mirrorball  (Strand Lighting
Mirrorball Rotator  (Strand Lighting
2.5 revs per minute (1953)
Moduled 318  (Ayrton  (2004)
Modular fixture allowing multiple units to be arranged in horizontal and vertical matrix layout.
Optical Effects Disc  (Strand Lighting  (1925)
For use with Patt.33 Optical Effects Lantern
Parscroller - Showchangers  (Strand Lighting
3-16 colours, mounts onto Punchlite, variable speed colour change
Portable Electric Blowers  (Strand Lighting  (1925)
For wind effects, flag waving, silken flames etc.
Pyroflash  (Le Maitre  (1977)
Rainbow Wheel  (Strand Lighting  (1925)
RoboZap  (Martin  (1991)
Rosco 1300 Fog Machine  (Rosco
Rosco 1500 Standard Fog Machine  (Rosco  (1980s)
Rosco 1500 Super Fog Machine  (Rosco
Rosco 1600 Smoke Machine  (Rosco
Rosco 1700 Smoke Machine  (Rosco  (2001)
Rosco 4500 Fog Machine  (Rosco
Rosco Chiller Module  (Rosco
Rosco Fluorescent Paint  (Rosco
1/3L Tubs
Rosco Supergel  (Rosco
Rosco Supersaturated Paint  (Rosco
1L Tubs
Roscolene  (Rosco
Scan 250  (Robe  (1993)
Scan H250  (Robe  (1995)
Semaphore Colour Changer  (Strand Lighting
SetScroll - Showchangers  (Strand Lighting
ShowChanger scroller control
Show Mist  (Le Maitre  (1989)
Low noise smoke machine
Smoke and Flash Powder  (Strand Lighting
Solar 250  (Optikinetics  (1973)
Effects Projector
Spectrama  (CCT Lighting
Rotating Polarising disc
Stage Lightning Lantern  (Strand Lighting  (1925)
Stagebar 54 S  (Martin  (2006)
Starlight  (Martin  (1988)
Super Strobe  (Optikinetics
Stobe - 12 joules
Supermoon Mk II  (Martin  (1987)
theFAN  (MDG Fog Generators Ltd
Digital Fan
theONE  (MDG Fog Generators Ltd  (2015)
Fog / Haze Generator, built for touring
Tubular Wave Ripple  (Strand Lighting
Up & Down Sea Wave Effect  (Strand Lighting
UV703 Fresnel  (Altman Stage Lighting Co.
VDO Face 5 HB  (Martin  (2016)
VDO Sceptron  (Martin  (2014)
VSFX  (White Light
DMX controlled effects disc system
Wizard  (Martin  (2001)
X24 X-Effects  (Rosco  (2011)
200W discharge ripple effects projector